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Been a while since i last posted on the blog, well such is life just didn’t felt like it. Anyway i was in youtube around and i saw the trailer of smallville season 10 episode 18 “Booster”, god i dont have cable tv but i must watch this episode somewhere lol, it look a lot of fun plus booster is so weird. Here is the trailer

I love smallville, it is sad that this season is the last one and the series are coming to an end. I haven’t still watch all the seasons, even tho i have season 1-4 on dvd and 5 – 9 downloaded on the hard drive, i have just see season 8 and 9 fully, i saw in recent days a few episodes of season 10 and started watching season 5. Aquaman appears in season 5, good episode. Smallville is amazing, i think im going to stop watching season 5 and start from season 4 and continue until 7. But anyway im looking forward to seen the rest of season 10 that i am missing, i think the last episode i saw was the 12 or 14 not sure. Season 9 was amazing, probably the best, Zod is amazing in season 9 plus the absolute justice 2 hour episode is epic. Season 10 is also looking great. I saw a while ago smallville seasons on blu ray for 22.00, 24.00 dollars, that was an amazing deal that sadly i missed, now they are selling them for 35.00 or more dollars.  I still have a lot of smallville to watch but is sad the end is almost here.


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I was looking forward this game a long time ago since it was announced, the game looks awesome so far in the game play videos that have been shown in E3 and other places. Although Not much information have been announced regarding character customization, creation, powers, talent trees and anything like that, if the game will have gold  to buy things, an economy, lot of questions are in the air and no one knows the answer yet. I played World of Warcraft before and it is a good MMO but i just got tired of it because I didn’t have no raiding guild, PvP group or anything so I was just doing battlegrounds. DC universe look like the MMO for me because if for the PS3 and you can use the controller, which I am not so good with the keyboard, also the game looks very fun and so far I am very impress with how is looking so far. That doesn’t mean I will buy the game at release, I will wait for a week or so after the game releases and check if is any good, population and game play, all the information I can get. The game is subscription based, that means it will cost 15 dollars a month to play, that was kinda expected since most good MMO are pay 2 play but if I am going to pay to play this game I expect it to be very good, fun and they support the game as is expected, add lot of content and even, the game have to be almost perfect.

The trailer above is a CGI trailer, probably the intro in the game. It is very awesome and nice looking, this trailer was released days ago in the comic con 2010. The beta sign in process is already taking place, you can sign in for the beta at the DC Universe Online web site, no date for the Beta have been announce. DC Universe Online will be release this November 2.

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