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The title is a little biased 🙂 I know, but well it is awesome. So well this last few weeks the games in Mayaguez were in there way, they ended this past Sunday. Puerto Rico athletes gave a lot of joy to there people, we earned many gold medals in different sports and events but among the most important ones was the basketball, track and field and volleyball. Puerto Rico is always strong in basketball and volleyball, there very good and in this games the prove it once again. I will put a few videos about the games and all the excitement related to the victory, thanks to all the athletes for giving so much joy to Puerto Rico with there victories and medals, making this nation and its identity stronger. I am blessed to be Puerto Rican

Basketball: Puerto Rico vs Mexico

Volleyball: Puerto Rico vs Venezuela

Relevo 4 x 100 (female)

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All I have to say is congratulations Spain for winning against Holland which wasn’t an easy task and earning the World Cup. I think Holland deserved more the cup because they are one of the best teams in the world that still haven’t win it, they have come close in second place tree times but without success. That said Spain team is very good and also Casillas is one of my favourites players, the goal keeper position is the one I like the most. He is one of the three goal keepers I currently like most, first is Oliver Kahn and then Casillas and Chilavert. Holland had many goal chances in that match but they didn’t score sadly, I said at the beginning that maybe this match was going to penalties which Spain was going to win easy thanks to Casillas but Iniesta score in the extra times and Spain won. Holland came second once again earning Silver, Germany came Third earning Bronze also. Iker Casillas earned the Golden glove award for best world cup keeper and Thomas Müller earned the Golder Boot and best young player, is amazing that Mueller with just 20 years old have done all this and play so well. Germany is a rising force others should fear (always is anyways) for the next world cup and tournaments, the young inexperienced team they had in this cup will be more prepare and experienced in the future with this young stars like Mueller. Here are Müller achievements at the young age of 20, just wow what a future he have.

Thomas Müller Honors:
Bayern Munich
  • Bundesliga champion (1): 2010
  • DFB-Pokal winner (1): 2010
  • UEFA Champions League runner-up: 2010
  • FIFA World Cup third place: 2010
  • FIFA World Cup Golden Boot: 2010
  • FIFA World Cup Best Young Player: 2010

Any ways congratulations to Spain for there first world cup, see you in Brazil 2014. I hope in 4 more years can go to Brazil and enjoy some games. I’m going to miss the world cup, is already over and I don’t have cable to see the leagues, 4 more years to go :(. Here are both Holland and Spain starting line for the final game, I put this pictures so we can remember the teams.



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Germany lost to Spain sadly like we all know, I knew it was going to be a difficult match for the Germans because they already lost to Spain in the finals of Eurocup 2008 1 – 0, the same score Spain defeated Germany in this match. I didn’t saw the Germans playing as they did with Argentina, but well there is no excuse they lost. I felt sad for Germany’s lost but even more because Klose didn’t score any goals and now he is one game away to break the record, if he score one goal he will tie with Ronaldo if he does score two he will break Ronaldo’s record, they will play for the third place against Uruguay which I hope they defeat and earn the third place and Klose score 2 goals and break the record. Now i need to find out a German team jersey, ill check in the adidas store in the mall and check the price and compare it with online retails, see which is better.

I wanted this world cup to bring a new world champion and well this year we are going to have one, neither Holland or Spain have won the world cup before. Im going to tell you right now my favourite team is Holland, I know Spain is a very good team and they will probably win the world cup no doubt but I like Holland more so is my favourite. Holland is also very good so they have a chance, they also defeat Brazil which is a very amazing team so you can expect anything from the Dutch, i hope they win. I have nothing against Spain, we share the same language and even tho Puerto Rico was a Spanish colony for hundreds of years they just came here to steal our resources, annihilate natives and rape them but i have nothing against Spain, that is the past and well they are very nice and good country but my favourite is Holland even tho the majority of people I know are with Spain. The game of Germany VS Uruguay is 1 hour away from starting, tomorrow is the big final, lets see who will take the third place and who will be the champions and rise the world cup!!!! Don’t worry Germany, you always been my favourite team, always will and I love your country. (for some reason I cant explain, I am not German nor have any relation with Germany :|) I love “futbol”!

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I love Germany, Is my favourite team and I love the country also for some reason. They had an amazing game against Argentina, they won 4 – 0, just wow that’s not an easy task. Klose score 2 goals, that’s amazing. Now Klose is close to beating Ronaldo in goals scored in world cups, Ronaldo have 15, Klose 14 and have 2 games left doesn’t matter of the result of there next game. They will have to go for the 3 place in case they lose, which I hope they don’t.

Miroslav Klose

I really enjoyed the Argentina’s defeat because after Maradonna talked so much trash about the German team, he said this exactly:

Earlier this week, Maradona responded to criticism of his team’s style of play from Germany’s rising star Bastian Schweinsteiger by peering into a camera and in a mock German accent issuing a famed Argentinean political taunt:

What’s the matter Schweinsteiger? Are you nerrrvoushhh?

So yea I suppose Bastian Schweinsteiger is very scare now huh? when he earn man of the match, you talked so much trash Maradona now you had to eat it, I suppose you learned your lesson about humbleness. Germany is playing really well and I hope they become champions, they do deserve it and there playing awesome, well see. GO GERMANY!!!!!!

I also got to say to Paraguay team, you play really well against Spain, you left the world cup as champions do, very good game and thanks for everything, you already made history for your country by passing to quarter finals. Right now I am watching live Uruguay versus Holland, I think Holland will win this but well see, Uruguay is a good team. By the way I want to get football jerseys, I want the Germany one and also for next winter (even tho I live in Puerto Rico, no winter here) I want a jacket of any league team like Real Madrid or whatever but the Germany team jersey is priority. They are so expensive tho, I find a website and the cost of Germany team jersey is 60 dollars but the shipping to Puerto Rico is 13 dollars, that’s so much for shipping, in continental US is free :(. Sucks living in a far away island lol. Any ways who you think will win the world cup?

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Those of you who are wondering who Chilavert is, well he is one of the best goalkeepers ever to play futbol. He was a three-time IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper award winner and played for Paraguay, he is currently retired. Chilavert is currently a sport announcer for Univision, a Mexican television station in Spanish that transmit the world cup 2010 games. The issue arrive at the Italy versus New Zealand game, the Guatemalan referee was obviously in favour of Italy’s team. He even called a penalty against New Zealand, that while I personally didn’t saw it happen, everyone say was unfair. He called many fouls against New Zealand and non to Italy, Chilavert even insulted Guatemalans in a way saying they don’t know about football, that’s why they are garbage at it for referees like that. All of this happened LIVE, I thought there was going to be a bigger incident between commentators or something. Chilavert was right, the referee was obviously making wrong calls, at the end of the game they added four more minutes to the game and the referee ended the game around 5 minutes later, giving Italy a chance to win. Chilavert was like “finish the dam game already, your going to add another 45 minutes or what?”, a very tense and good game. New Zealand is probably one of the worse teams in this world cup and yet they manage to tie (1 – 1) with Italy, the current world champion and one of the best teams in the world. New Zealand played well, Italy couldn’t score any more goals apart from the penalty, the big loser here is Italy that couldn’t win against Paraguay (GO Paraguay yey!) and couldn’t beat New Zealand either even with the referee’s help (LOL). Paraguay is a good team, I hope they pass to the next round, look like they are in a nice position to accomplish it so far.

Here I left you with some nice Chilavert compilation video, enjoy 🙂

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Mexico 2
France 0

I haven’t post any world cup games results lately, sorry to say it but this ain’t no sport blog lol, I just put the results of really important games and the ones I find more interesting. Today played Mexico versus France, what a game they played. I honestly didn’t thought that the Mexicans had a chance against the French’s. It was a difficult game, then suddenly in a very polemical play, Chicharito Hernandez however the fuck Mexicans call him score a goal, it was a polemical play because some thought he was outside but the referee didn’t saw it that way. Then later some guy commited a penalty to Mexican’s, Blanco shot the penalty and scored. It really was a good game and Mexico did very good. Lot more games to come, lot of surprises in this world cup. Well see who takes the cup home…

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Germany 4
Australia 0

England 1
United States 1

Argentina 1
Nigeria 0

I was waiting for this day, the day Germany already played there first game of this world cup, sadly Germany face some problems because its star and captain Michael Ballack couldn’t play, he is injured. They played very well scoring four goals against Australia, what a victory!. Lets face it Australia is not that good either and Germany is one of the only seven champions of the world cup, it is a very strong team. There have been many games in this pass two days, I put some of the most important scores up there. United States tied up with England which I believe is nice for the Americans because England is not an easy team to defeat. Many other games, Serbia was defeated by Ghana by one goal, Serbia was my favourite in that match. Korea beat Greece and many other games, this is not a sport side so… :D. There has been three great days of this world cup and they have been good so far, there still many matches to go and many teams still haven’t play like Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Italy. Well I am going to sleep, gotta wake up early at 7 am to watch Holland versus Denmark :).

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