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I did it again, i had too. Few nights ago i made some delicious burgers for dinner and to watch a movie. The burgers were so good that i decided today to make more hamburgers but with a twist.

Hamburger i made last week

In the previous picture there is the hamburger i made days ago to watch killer elite and eat, it was good and yes i always too picture of the nice things i do LOL, is not anything special of chef like but it was pretty and good  enough to take a picture.  Today was not a special night either and i had  movies to watch, at least not good any good ones but still i decided to make hamburgers again, maybe try to improve in the making of these. Last night i was browsing youtube and watching man vs food and other food shows, well i saw in some restaurants they put a fry egg in the burger, later i came to realize that is known as Aussie or Australian Burger. Even tho the recipe of Aussie burger i found online have pineapple and many others thing i was just interested in adding the fry egg.

So first off i wanted to add some bacon to the burgers, i love bacon so is a no brainer. I have tried to made perfect bacon for ages and never could, doing it on a fry pan is very difficult kinda impossible because i had tried it all with no results. Well tonight for the first time i used the oven to make the bacon, it was perfect!

Then i made the burgers in the fry pan as usual with some bacon grease 😛 Then when the burgers were finally done with the melted cheese and everything i made the fry egg, the york needed to be a little liquefied if you can call it like that LOL, so when you bite the hamburger some york juice come out. The final product was this beast…

Aussie Burger, Kinda...

I have to say this is one of the best things i have eat in my life, the previous burgers were good but this was an absolutely improvement. The beef and bacon flavor mixed with a fry egg and that delicious York flavor wow, amazing, so juicy. The burger was so huge, i couldn’t even fit it in my mouth. The next time i probably need  bigger burger bums, it was a mess while eating them but really good!!!.


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If you watch news constantly you probably know there is a Hurricane near Puerto Rico, the Hurricane is category 4 which is a very dangerous one. Luckily for us the hurricane just miss land for just a few. I mean we will get some rain and some winds around 50 – 60 MPH but no big deal. Right now the storm is passing by and there isn’t much rain at all, maybe later it will start to get worse. There is some breeze but nothing dangerous or out of ordinary. Puerto Rico doesn’t get a mayor hurricane since 1998 when hurricane Georges stroked the island and caused lot of damage. I like storm and all that stuff for some reason, they can be nice but been inside a big category hurricane like back in 1998 is not so nice. The sound of the wind is so scary, is something scary to live.

Today At University classes got suspended at 12:00 PM and probably tomorrow there is no class either so ill be around here. Electricity hasn’t gone for now thanks god neither the internet lol but well ill keep around until a blackout comes or I fall asleep. The night is very good to sleep and cold, rainy, windy. It would be so awesome to have someone to sleep with but sadly I am alone :(, boooo sucks. Such is life hahaha.

Well talk to you later if we continue to live pass all this events, haha well maybe is not that bad. Bye!

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I haven’t post in a very little long time, i suppose there wasn’t much to talk about. Now that classes have started i have more free time around university bored so i suppose ill write more regularly, like i am doing now.

So this is my second day @ the University and well even tho there is a little emotion because this is my last year, the beginning of classes didn’t came without problems. First i had to get a certification of graduation whatever its name is, i just did two weeks before classes started, the thing cost 100 dollars. Two weeks before classes started i had to go to an office and do a huge line and wait around 5 hours in it, she told me the steps i had to follow to get that certification. Now i have to keep doing the lines because problems with the scholarship and payments but well always happens, I haven’t even attended a class room yet but i hope to do so tomorrow, is the first week anyways :). The university is a little boring this year, most people from Computer Science (at least most that i know) have graduated already, there are a few friends around still, but anyways lets hope i can finish this and have a good future.

In other subject as i mentioned in post before my Playstation 3 was really starting to get damage. One day while my friend was visiting a gamestop to buy a PSN card he asked how much they would give in trade in value for a PS3, the store guy said 200 dollars for a working one. I was like whatttt, thats a good deal (I suppose). So i took my PS3 from the car which i had there for some casualty of life lol, and he tested it and everything and he said 200. The problem with the PS3 was that it turn itself off after around 5 hours of play due to overheating i suppose, out course the gamestop worker wont test the PS3 for long. Me and my friend went to my house to get the cables and controller and gave it away, i asked for a gamestop card with 200 value then headed to other town and bought a new PS3 slim with 100 more added, better than later expending 300. So anyways i also bought Batman Arkham Asylum for xbox, i might talk about it later. Im out…

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The title is a little biased 🙂 I know, but well it is awesome. So well this last few weeks the games in Mayaguez were in there way, they ended this past Sunday. Puerto Rico athletes gave a lot of joy to there people, we earned many gold medals in different sports and events but among the most important ones was the basketball, track and field and volleyball. Puerto Rico is always strong in basketball and volleyball, there very good and in this games the prove it once again. I will put a few videos about the games and all the excitement related to the victory, thanks to all the athletes for giving so much joy to Puerto Rico with there victories and medals, making this nation and its identity stronger. I am blessed to be Puerto Rican

Basketball: Puerto Rico vs Mexico

Volleyball: Puerto Rico vs Venezuela

Relevo 4 x 100 (female)

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Today was a weird day and sad in a way. First of all a waterspout (trompa marina in spanish) in case you don’t know is a Tornado but it forms in the ocean, in case the waterspout go into land it is then a tornado. Don’t be alarm, it wasn’t a strong tornado that passed by Puerto Rico but it was weird definitely, sadly the inauguration of the Mayaguez Central American and Caribbean games was due to start today but the climate didn’t allow the celebration to took place, well get to that later now I am going to tell my experience. I went to get a haircut in the house of the barber with my friend, he work in his home, around 12 PM. He started with me first to do his job, while I was getting the haircut my friend said: “What is the forecast for today? the sky is weird, it was sunny then now is all black and cloudy” everyone there answered like yea is true, nothing is in the forecast for today that I know. Then the wind started to blow and rain to fall, there was a blackout and my haircut stayed incomplete, yea I didn’t looked nice :|. So we enter his home to hide from the wind and rain, the wind was probably around 30 MPH but all happen suddenly we were in shock, I even received a call from my friend Jomarie asking me what was going on, because she was on the road driving and all that started to happen. After the wind and rain pass, we had to go to another barber so he finish my haircut because electricity never came in the previous barber home. The wind was very strong, we all were like what the fuck is going on. Later we find out it was a waterspout that hit land and caused some damage.

video when the lights and all that stuff felt because the winds in the new Mayaguez stadium.

The sad part was that Mayaguez got the worse part, the central american and caribbean games are going to be celebrated there and today was the inauguration event. Sadly it was cancelled because all the lights, kiosk, stage went flying and was seriously damage. The event was postponed for tomorrow but the games schedule wasn’t affected thankfully, all goes according to schedule except the inauguration event that is due tomorrow. It was just a scary moment, nothing serious. There was a few people injured but no one die. The hurricane season starts soon, Puerto Rico is in the way of Hurricanes, luckily we don’t get a direct and strong impact since 1998. God is sending warnings, we should prepare because worse things will happen sooner or later.

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I haven’t post in the last few days, I had many stuff to talk about like the world cup games which been very amazing but I didn’t, I don’t think no one is reading this any ways so I am just wasting my time, probably. Today I felt the need to post, the need to express myself about the recent events that took place here, in Puerto Rico.

First of all let me give you a little history lesson in case you don’t know much about Puerto Rico and it’s current status. On July 25, 1898, during the Spanish-American War, Puerto Rico was invaded by the United States. As an outcome of the war, Spain ceded Puerto Rico, along with Cuba, the Philippines, and Guam to the U.S. under the Treaty of Paris. Therefore Puerto Ricans are American citizens, the first and most important constitution is the United States one but Puerto Rico have it’s own. Things been happening since this current administration (government) took place two years ago, lot of people getting fired from there jobs, rising in taxes among many other things, so the ambience around if one of discomfort towards the government. The current administration party is the PNP (Partido Nuevo Progresista) they advocate for been United States 51 state (LOL). There have been protest in Puerto Rico in the last few months, at the university because the cost of studying was rising. I didn’t agree because I think that this are difficult times and everyone have to adjust to global cost which are increasing and the public university is cheap already but this time is not about that, is about the constitution.

The problem started a week or so ago when the president of the senate Thomas Rivera Schatz give an order to not allow neither press nor citizens into the capitol to see the legislation they made. This is a constitutional right, you can enter and see the legislators making laws in the balcony on the second floor and even worse not allowing the press either. What are they hiding? This right is protected under United States constitution and Puerto Rico, also this is a public building, property of the people of Puerto Rico. So today a few people tried to enter the capitol to watch the laws and legislation been pass since is the most important day, the shock force was waiting inside the capitol hidden for some reason, everything was planned out since the beginning, when the persons asked authorization to enter it was denied and the press that tried to access the capitol also was denied, the rest as they say is history. The police came out of there hiding and started beating women’s mostly and old people, even reporters. The group of protesters were minimum, an hour or two later people started to come when they found out about what was going on, so they prepare to make a peaceful protest. Suddenly more police came with the most advance riot gear I have seen (and they say they don’t have money lol) and started beating everyone, not allowing anyone to protest which is such and important constitutional right in a democracy. The police was sadistic, you could see in there face there wrath and anger to do some damage.The police followed protesters all over the capital according to news channels, running after them. The capital is a tourist spot and news say even tourist got beat up by the police.

I hope this doesn’t stop here, and today when the sun rise there are even more protest. We need to stop this politicians to doing whatever the fuck they want, and worse violating important constitutional rights protected in both PR and US constitution, the one they love and want to be part of. The Puerto Rican governor hasn’t even appear to talk on the matter on TV, he’s been disappear the last two weeks. This motherfucker Thomas Rivera Schatz, the president of the senate is behind the power, the governor is his bitch. Schatz even look like fucking Hitler, same moustache and all. Thanks to all the men’s and women’s that so protected, and will keep on doing so, the constitution of this blessed island Puerto Rico. I will leave all of you with this quote:

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. – U.S Declaration of Independence

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I haven’t posted anything more related to the world cup and the amazing games played this week like United States versus Algeria, Slovakia versus Italy. Tomorrow is playing Brazil versus Portugal, Spain versus Chile among others, cant wait. Anyway I am not going to talk about “futbol” now, maybe I’ll do later. This post is related to gaming, the games I been playing, either online or offline, and any downloadable content I had purchase, demo’s or anything of that kind.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (Onslaught) – This is my favourite online game currently, this is the one I play mostly with my friend. There have been issues since the last patch (around a month ago), the online  was lagging very badly, I could hardly play so I put it down the game for a while and started playing Modern Warfare to level up my prestige. Today I went to BC2 blog and there was an announcement that they found the problem related to the lagging on consoles and they are fixing the it, I played earlier and the game didn’t lag at all so good for DICE :D. Around two days ago EA and DICE released onslaught mode for Bad Company 2, the cost is 9.99 dollars but my friend bought it so he share it with me :P. I have to say Onslaught is amazing, the downloadable content consist of 4 maps in coop mode, with 4 difficulties, the maps are the same you play on competitive but with new environmental features like fog, night among others. The purpose is to beat the stage in the best time possible with your squad (4 players) and then the time is uploaded to the leaderboards so you can see your ranking position. That’s the only thing I didn’t like about Onslaught, the purpose it just to beat the stage in the best time possible, no experience gain, no levelling up. It is worth playing thou, it is very fun and addictive, I have to warn you that playing it in hardcore is not an easy task, you probably need to find a good squad or at least people with microphones because communication is a must. Something good about it also is that you can pick up the camo skins(if you bought them) and weapons you unlocked in competitive mode. The enemy AI helicopters are a pain to take down, almost impossible, you need to be careful or they will rape your entire team in seconds, same with tanks. I already finish the 4 maps on hardcore difficulty, was a lot of fun, I got all the trophies of Onslaught and I am close to platinum in battlefield, just need two more. Onslaught is worth every penny, I really recommend it, addictive and fun.

Medal of Honor – The BETA of medal of honor was available if you pre ordered the game. Many people complain about medal of honor graphics, well they aren’t the best that’s for sure and are probably worse than battlefield. The online gameplay is fine but the game kinda needs something. The beta was causing many PS3 to freeze every time you reached a killstreak with the terrorist, also when they kill your character you get some kinda lag but all of that is fixable, it is a beta. Something that i didnt like either was that i only see like 3 unlockable weapons, I like customization in games so this is a let down. I know this is a beta and they just put a few weapons and maps playable but I hope they add a lot more weapons because if there is something I like of MoH is how the weapons look. I am not sure if I will buy this game or not, well have to see which games arrive this fall, if they are better than MoH well I probably wont get it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Nothing new in Modern Warfare, I been playing it lately mostly because my friends play it, I don’t like playing online games alone so we make parties. The game is OK, don’t get me wrong but this call of duty was really mess up in many ways. I am tired of so many noob tubes, people with RPGs, the super knife + commando combo, people that you shoot and don’t die yet they kill you easily. The game is mess up but it still fun plus my friends play it so to have a good time with them I also go with them to play. I am currently on prestige 4, i hope at least to make it to 8 or 9, I don’t want to reach prestige 10 because mostly everyone reach it hacking so is not fun. Well I still play it sometimes, but I love Battlefield more.

Farcry 2 – Most of my friends told me this game sucked, so I borrow it from him. I gotta say while is not probably among the best games and I wont pay 60 dollars for it, it is very good. I am starting the game and i am in the first few missions but the game looks fun and OK to play.

Dante’s Inferno – I am playing this for the xbox 360, I borrow it from a friend also. The game is an exact copy of god of war but instead of Greek god’s they use the Christian one. It have a lot of nudity, blood and blasphemy so I suppose if your a strong Christian you wouldn’t want to play this. Things like killing unbaptized babies just wont do it for you. The game is very good and I am almost finishing it, I must do before my friend come to pick it up.

That’s what I been playing mostly, I need also to finish Assassins Creed 2 for 360 and get the achievements, Mass Effect 1 that even thou I finish it I need a lot more of achievements and finish it 100%. What you been playing this summer?

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