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If you watch news constantly you probably know there is a Hurricane near Puerto Rico, the Hurricane is category 4 which is a very dangerous one. Luckily for us the hurricane just miss land for just a few. I mean we will get some rain and some winds around 50 – 60 MPH but no big deal. Right now the storm is passing by and there isn’t much rain at all, maybe later it will start to get worse. There is some breeze but nothing dangerous or out of ordinary. Puerto Rico doesn’t get a mayor hurricane since 1998 when hurricane Georges stroked the island and caused lot of damage. I like storm and all that stuff for some reason, they can be nice but been inside a big category hurricane like back in 1998 is not so nice. The sound of the wind is so scary, is something scary to live.

Today At University classes got suspended at 12:00 PM and probably tomorrow there is no class either so ill be around here. Electricity hasn’t gone for now thanks god neither the internet lol but well ill keep around until a blackout comes or I fall asleep. The night is very good to sleep and cold, rainy, windy. It would be so awesome to have someone to sleep with but sadly I am alone :(, boooo sucks. Such is life hahaha.

Well talk to you later if we continue to live pass all this events, haha well maybe is not that bad. Bye!


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The title is a little biased 🙂 I know, but well it is awesome. So well this last few weeks the games in Mayaguez were in there way, they ended this past Sunday. Puerto Rico athletes gave a lot of joy to there people, we earned many gold medals in different sports and events but among the most important ones was the basketball, track and field and volleyball. Puerto Rico is always strong in basketball and volleyball, there very good and in this games the prove it once again. I will put a few videos about the games and all the excitement related to the victory, thanks to all the athletes for giving so much joy to Puerto Rico with there victories and medals, making this nation and its identity stronger. I am blessed to be Puerto Rican

Basketball: Puerto Rico vs Mexico

Volleyball: Puerto Rico vs Venezuela

Relevo 4 x 100 (female)

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Today was a weird day and sad in a way. First of all a waterspout (trompa marina in spanish) in case you don’t know is a Tornado but it forms in the ocean, in case the waterspout go into land it is then a tornado. Don’t be alarm, it wasn’t a strong tornado that passed by Puerto Rico but it was weird definitely, sadly the inauguration of the Mayaguez Central American and Caribbean games was due to start today but the climate didn’t allow the celebration to took place, well get to that later now I am going to tell my experience. I went to get a haircut in the house of the barber with my friend, he work in his home, around 12 PM. He started with me first to do his job, while I was getting the haircut my friend said: “What is the forecast for today? the sky is weird, it was sunny then now is all black and cloudy” everyone there answered like yea is true, nothing is in the forecast for today that I know. Then the wind started to blow and rain to fall, there was a blackout and my haircut stayed incomplete, yea I didn’t looked nice :|. So we enter his home to hide from the wind and rain, the wind was probably around 30 MPH but all happen suddenly we were in shock, I even received a call from my friend Jomarie asking me what was going on, because she was on the road driving and all that started to happen. After the wind and rain pass, we had to go to another barber so he finish my haircut because electricity never came in the previous barber home. The wind was very strong, we all were like what the fuck is going on. Later we find out it was a waterspout that hit land and caused some damage.

video when the lights and all that stuff felt because the winds in the new Mayaguez stadium.

The sad part was that Mayaguez got the worse part, the central american and caribbean games are going to be celebrated there and today was the inauguration event. Sadly it was cancelled because all the lights, kiosk, stage went flying and was seriously damage. The event was postponed for tomorrow but the games schedule wasn’t affected thankfully, all goes according to schedule except the inauguration event that is due tomorrow. It was just a scary moment, nothing serious. There was a few people injured but no one die. The hurricane season starts soon, Puerto Rico is in the way of Hurricanes, luckily we don’t get a direct and strong impact since 1998. God is sending warnings, we should prepare because worse things will happen sooner or later.

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