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I haven’t post in a very little long time, i suppose there wasn’t much to talk about. Now that classes have started i have more free time around university bored so i suppose ill write more regularly, like i am doing now.

So this is my second day @ the University and well even tho there is a little emotion because this is my last year, the beginning of classes didn’t came without problems. First i had to get a certification of graduation whatever its name is, i just did two weeks before classes started, the thing cost 100 dollars. Two weeks before classes started i had to go to an office and do a huge line and wait around 5 hours in it, she told me the steps i had to follow to get that certification. Now i have to keep doing the lines because problems with the scholarship and payments but well always happens, I haven’t even attended a class room yet but i hope to do so tomorrow, is the first week anyways :). The university is a little boring this year, most people from Computer Science (at least most that i know) have graduated already, there are a few friends around still, but anyways lets hope i can finish this and have a good future.

In other subject as i mentioned in post before my Playstation 3 was really starting to get damage. One day while my friend was visiting a gamestop to buy a PSN card he asked how much they would give in trade in value for a PS3, the store guy said 200 dollars for a working one. I was like whatttt, thats a good deal (I suppose). So i took my PS3 from the car which i had there for some casualty of life lol, and he tested it and everything and he said 200. The problem with the PS3 was that it turn itself off after around 5 hours of play due to overheating i suppose, out course the gamestop worker wont test the PS3 for long. Me and my friend went to my house to get the cables and controller and gave it away, i asked for a gamestop card with 200 value then headed to other town and bought a new PS3 slim with 100 more added, better than later expending 300. So anyways i also bought Batman Arkham Asylum for xbox, i might talk about it later. Im out…


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