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I did it again, i had too. Few nights ago i made some delicious burgers for dinner and to watch a movie. The burgers were so good that i decided today to make more hamburgers but with a twist.

Hamburger i made last week

In the previous picture there is the hamburger i made days ago to watch killer elite and eat, it was good and yes i always too picture of the nice things i do LOL, is not anything special of chef like but it was pretty and good  enough to take a picture.  Today was not a special night either and i had  movies to watch, at least not good any good ones but still i decided to make hamburgers again, maybe try to improve in the making of these. Last night i was browsing youtube and watching man vs food and other food shows, well i saw in some restaurants they put a fry egg in the burger, later i came to realize that is known as Aussie or Australian Burger. Even tho the recipe of Aussie burger i found online have pineapple and many others thing i was just interested in adding the fry egg.

So first off i wanted to add some bacon to the burgers, i love bacon so is a no brainer. I have tried to made perfect bacon for ages and never could, doing it on a fry pan is very difficult kinda impossible because i had tried it all with no results. Well tonight for the first time i used the oven to make the bacon, it was perfect!

Then i made the burgers in the fry pan as usual with some bacon grease 😛 Then when the burgers were finally done with the melted cheese and everything i made the fry egg, the york needed to be a little liquefied if you can call it like that LOL, so when you bite the hamburger some york juice come out. The final product was this beast…

Aussie Burger, Kinda...

I have to say this is one of the best things i have eat in my life, the previous burgers were good but this was an absolutely improvement. The beef and bacon flavor mixed with a fry egg and that delicious York flavor wow, amazing, so juicy. The burger was so huge, i couldn’t even fit it in my mouth. The next time i probably need  bigger burger bums, it was a mess while eating them but really good!!!.


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I can say that today overall was a good night, you might be asking yourself what happen tonight that it was so especial?, well to not much really. I finally got a good movie to watch, Killer Elite, and bought some bacon to make burgers to enjoy the movie with some food, i usually do this. One of the best things i love doing most in this world is watching movies, i don’t know why but i do enjoy it so much, i feel good and all worries go away for that little time the movie last. Usually i just make a sandwich but today i did some hamburgers with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes the usual, they were so good honestly, i think was the best hamburgers i ever had in my life. They were huge, juice, good flavor just amazing. Then with a glass of soda i started to watch the movie and eat, it might not look as much for some but it was an awesome night and i really enjoyed it =).

The movie, Killer Elite, was also very good. Lot of action, assassinations, the British SAS was involved in the movie, Mercenaries, cover ops and anyway i just love movies like this a little investigation, action kinda like the bourne trilogy. Anyway the movie was great so it complemented nicely with the delicious meal, A very very good night…

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