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This E3 in my humble opinion was weak compared to previous years, yet still nice and loved it. Many great announcements for all consoles and of course the Playstation was the best :D, but lets keep it neutral (or at least try). Let’s start with the Xbox, I seriously didn’t found anything interesting or new that Microsoft bring to the table. First they showed Call of duty: Black Ops which is a multiplatform, they have deals with Activision to release download content a month before than in Playstation 3 like they did currently with Modern Warfare 2 but that’s about it, Playstation will eventually get it so no big deal. Also they showed Metal Gear Rising which I don’t find a bit interesting, it is also a multiplatform title. All I have to say about HALO reach is LOL, HALO is gay but to each its own, lot of people like it. HALO released the beta of there online game play a few weeks ago before E3 so what was new to show?, it wasn’t even surprising (yawn). The only good title for the Xbox 360 which is exclusive and they show game play for the first time was Gears of War 3. I have Gears of War 2 and I am not a fan of the online competitive mode in it, sucks but the co-op is nice and I really played that a lot. The single player is good, the game have good graphics and is fun to play, maybe is not among the best ever created but is worth every penny. Gears 3 look amazing, new bosses, new bad guys, new playable characters, I will definitely get it when it arrive, if I do have the money for it :).

I wont even go with Nintendo, I mean come on it doesn’t even have online and if it does it sucks. I don’t have a wii so I cant say, but I am not into those games, I am more into shooters and mature games, online games. I didn’t saw Nintendo’s presentation but I did saw a few videos online about some games they are releasing, Donkey Kong looks a lot of fun, like the old school ones. Let’s hope I can play it somewhere in my friend’s house or wherever but I wont get a wii for it.

Sony, oooooo Sony you always deliver. Not to sound like a fanboy or anything but come one, at least they showed some exclusives. They started with Killzone 3 to break the ice, Killzone 3 looks amazing in graphics, like killzone 2 did, probably better. The helghast now have new vehicles, also new environments like snow. I hope killzone 3 online is good, not that the 2 was bad but it didn’t have much weapons to choose from, with online games I like them to have many weapons and customization so I don’t get bored using the same ones. Killzone 2 online was good and I hope they do a better job this time with the third. Infamous 2, tho they didn’t show any game play I bet the game will be as awesome as the first. I honestly didn’t play Infamous much, a friend once bring it home and I downloaded the demo and it is a good game, maybe ill get it cheap one of this days. Another Sony exclusive that I definitely want is Twisted Metal, I always loved this car destruction games like Vigilante 8 back in the days and the old twisted Metal’s. Back then online didn’t existed or if any was online capable I never played them online, so this new twisted Metal online is going to be a lot of fun, cant wait.

They showed a lot more things in this E3 like Playstation move, game like the awesome Fallout: Vegas, Assassins creed: Brotherhood and many more. For more information about what each company and developers are releasing this year and in the next to come go to your favourite gaming news website like G4TV, Gametrailers, IGN or any of those. For now, my wishlist of the games I want are:

  1. Killzone 3
  2. Twisted Metal
  3. Infamous 2 (maybe, it’s only single player bah)
  4. Call of duty: Black Ops
  5. Fallout: Vegas
  6. Medal of Honor ( I am not sure after playing the beta, I have mixed feelings)
  7. Gears of war 3

and many more I am not sure if I will get them or not, too many games, not so much cash. 😛


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