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Well this summer definitely didn’t started up very well for me, so many things had happen that I don’t think is pure coincidence anymore. It all started after I finished the classes at the University back in May. First and most important of it all, I had an argument with my friend, now she probably hates me or at least she doesn’t talk to me. Well that’s old news and was a month ago, although I kinda miss her and everything, live most go on; I posted what really happened in that situation HERE. Although that was a sad moment in my life I suppose it helped me see who are the people that really love me and care, everything happens for a reason.

Other than personal problems, the most annoying ones were with my electronics. First the computer monitor started to get damaged, I needed to click like 100 times the power button until it stayed on because the monitor turned itself off for some reason. I started to get piss so I removed the PC and connected it to my Bravia television, it looked very nice and all but it was very uncomfortable without a desk. I have two desktops, so I decided to bring the old desktop with its monitor to my room and use it, for my surprise the old PC didn’t turn on, after checking and checking I came to the conclusion that maybe the problem is with the power supply, I need to get a new one. I connected my newest desktop to the old CRT monitor, suddenly the newest PC started to make beep sounds, it didn’t wanted to boot either. That had happen before but it fixed itself after letting it rest for a while, well it eventually did and so far is working fine but I think it wont last long until mayor issues arise. So now I am using some huge old CRT monitor with crappy resolution but at least does the work. To make things worse, last night I was playing modern warfare 2 online with some friends then suddenly my playstation turn itself off, I heard from few people those are the first symptoms that start to appear before it die. I hope nothing happen to it, it is working and it haven’t turn itself off any more. So in a time span of one – two weeks I got a damaged desktop, other desktop that barely works and sometimes doesn’t turn on, damaged monitor, a probable dying playstation 3. Life cant get any better.
C’est la vie…

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