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Been a while since i last posted on the blog, well such is life just didn’t felt like it. Anyway i was in youtube around and i saw the trailer of smallville season 10 episode 18 “Booster”, god i dont have cable tv but i must watch this episode somewhere lol, it look a lot of fun plus booster is so weird. Here is the trailer

I love smallville, it is sad that this season is the last one and the series are coming to an end. I haven’t still watch all the seasons, even tho i have season 1-4 on dvd and 5 – 9 downloaded on the hard drive, i have just see season 8 and 9 fully, i saw in recent days a few episodes of season 10 and started watching season 5. Aquaman appears in season 5, good episode. Smallville is amazing, i think im going to stop watching season 5 and start from season 4 and continue until 7. But anyway im looking forward to seen the rest of season 10 that i am missing, i think the last episode i saw was the 12 or 14 not sure. Season 9 was amazing, probably the best, Zod is amazing in season 9 plus the absolute justice 2 hour episode is epic. Season 10 is also looking great. I saw a while ago smallville seasons on blu ray for 22.00, 24.00 dollars, that was an amazing deal that sadly i missed, now they are selling them for 35.00 or more dollars.  I still have a lot of smallville to watch but is sad the end is almost here.


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