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I did it again, i had too. Few nights ago i made some delicious burgers for dinner and to watch a movie. The burgers were so good that i decided today to make more hamburgers but with a twist.

Hamburger i made last week

In the previous picture there is the hamburger i made days ago to watch killer elite and eat, it was good and yes i always too picture of the nice things i do LOL, is not anything special of chef like but it was pretty and good  enough to take a picture.  Today was not a special night either and i had  movies to watch, at least not good any good ones but still i decided to make hamburgers again, maybe try to improve in the making of these. Last night i was browsing youtube and watching man vs food and other food shows, well i saw in some restaurants they put a fry egg in the burger, later i came to realize that is known as Aussie or Australian Burger. Even tho the recipe of Aussie burger i found online have pineapple and many others thing i was just interested in adding the fry egg.

So first off i wanted to add some bacon to the burgers, i love bacon so is a no brainer. I have tried to made perfect bacon for ages and never could, doing it on a fry pan is very difficult kinda impossible because i had tried it all with no results. Well tonight for the first time i used the oven to make the bacon, it was perfect!

Then i made the burgers in the fry pan as usual with some bacon grease 😛 Then when the burgers were finally done with the melted cheese and everything i made the fry egg, the york needed to be a little liquefied if you can call it like that LOL, so when you bite the hamburger some york juice come out. The final product was this beast…

Aussie Burger, Kinda...

I have to say this is one of the best things i have eat in my life, the previous burgers were good but this was an absolutely improvement. The beef and bacon flavor mixed with a fry egg and that delicious York flavor wow, amazing, so juicy. The burger was so huge, i couldn’t even fit it in my mouth. The next time i probably need  bigger burger bums, it was a mess while eating them but really good!!!.


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I can say that today overall was a good night, you might be asking yourself what happen tonight that it was so especial?, well to not much really. I finally got a good movie to watch, Killer Elite, and bought some bacon to make burgers to enjoy the movie with some food, i usually do this. One of the best things i love doing most in this world is watching movies, i don’t know why but i do enjoy it so much, i feel good and all worries go away for that little time the movie last. Usually i just make a sandwich but today i did some hamburgers with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomatoes the usual, they were so good honestly, i think was the best hamburgers i ever had in my life. They were huge, juice, good flavor just amazing. Then with a glass of soda i started to watch the movie and eat, it might not look as much for some but it was an awesome night and i really enjoyed it =).

The movie, Killer Elite, was also very good. Lot of action, assassinations, the British SAS was involved in the movie, Mercenaries, cover ops and anyway i just love movies like this a little investigation, action kinda like the bourne trilogy. Anyway the movie was great so it complemented nicely with the delicious meal, A very very good night…

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I definitely haven’t post anything in about a month or so, i don’t know i kinda forgot about all this and well i didn’t felt like it either. About me well there isn’t much to say, my life have been the same like always, playing some games, watching TV, same old sad and boring life. Remember the problem i had a while back with a friend, i think was the second post i ever did on this blog, well she talks to me again LOL, she is like that mean and weird but i don’t hold grudges so is all fine. I still feel i like her and all that, shes my friend but i don’t think much in it what can i do just let it go, she don’t like me never will so. Such is life… 😦

I been also playing some Playstation 3 and xbox. I got cheap for the xbox 360 Dead Space and Mass Effect 2. They aren’t new releases but very awesome games, Dead Space is scary as hell, always wanted to played but i hate playing Horror games but finally i decided to play it and it is awesome, i will definitely look forward to Dead Space 2. Mass Effect 2 is a very good RPG and i love it, long game, free world and huge, many things to do, i loved the first one and the second is a lot better. For the Playstation 3 i got Medal of Honor, Fallout: New Vegas and some downloable games like Shank, Costume Quest, Castle Crashers and Deathspank Thongs of Virtue. Medal of Honor isnt that great, is not bad either but is not even close to call of duty, the game could had been a lot better, i still think is worth the money but is not so great, the worse game i have got in recent years lol. Fallout is other story, i love RPGs and Fallout is no exception currently i am playing a lot of it and still need a lot to explore, quest and many things to do, LOVE it. Anyways that’s all for now, 2 weeks more and Black Ops arrive.



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I haven’t post in a very little long time, i suppose there wasn’t much to talk about. Now that classes have started i have more free time around university bored so i suppose ill write more regularly, like i am doing now.

So this is my second day @ the University and well even tho there is a little emotion because this is my last year, the beginning of classes didn’t came without problems. First i had to get a certification of graduation whatever its name is, i just did two weeks before classes started, the thing cost 100 dollars. Two weeks before classes started i had to go to an office and do a huge line and wait around 5 hours in it, she told me the steps i had to follow to get that certification. Now i have to keep doing the lines because problems with the scholarship and payments but well always happens, I haven’t even attended a class room yet but i hope to do so tomorrow, is the first week anyways :). The university is a little boring this year, most people from Computer Science (at least most that i know) have graduated already, there are a few friends around still, but anyways lets hope i can finish this and have a good future.

In other subject as i mentioned in post before my Playstation 3 was really starting to get damage. One day while my friend was visiting a gamestop to buy a PSN card he asked how much they would give in trade in value for a PS3, the store guy said 200 dollars for a working one. I was like whatttt, thats a good deal (I suppose). So i took my PS3 from the car which i had there for some casualty of life lol, and he tested it and everything and he said 200. The problem with the PS3 was that it turn itself off after around 5 hours of play due to overheating i suppose, out course the gamestop worker wont test the PS3 for long. Me and my friend went to my house to get the cables and controller and gave it away, i asked for a gamestop card with 200 value then headed to other town and bought a new PS3 slim with 100 more added, better than later expending 300. So anyways i also bought Batman Arkham Asylum for xbox, i might talk about it later. Im out…

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Well this summer definitely didn’t started up very well for me, so many things had happen that I don’t think is pure coincidence anymore. It all started after I finished the classes at the University back in May. First and most important of it all, I had an argument with my friend, now she probably hates me or at least she doesn’t talk to me. Well that’s old news and was a month ago, although I kinda miss her and everything, live most go on; I posted what really happened in that situation HERE. Although that was a sad moment in my life I suppose it helped me see who are the people that really love me and care, everything happens for a reason.

Other than personal problems, the most annoying ones were with my electronics. First the computer monitor started to get damaged, I needed to click like 100 times the power button until it stayed on because the monitor turned itself off for some reason. I started to get piss so I removed the PC and connected it to my Bravia television, it looked very nice and all but it was very uncomfortable without a desk. I have two desktops, so I decided to bring the old desktop with its monitor to my room and use it, for my surprise the old PC didn’t turn on, after checking and checking I came to the conclusion that maybe the problem is with the power supply, I need to get a new one. I connected my newest desktop to the old CRT monitor, suddenly the newest PC started to make beep sounds, it didn’t wanted to boot either. That had happen before but it fixed itself after letting it rest for a while, well it eventually did and so far is working fine but I think it wont last long until mayor issues arise. So now I am using some huge old CRT monitor with crappy resolution but at least does the work. To make things worse, last night I was playing modern warfare 2 online with some friends then suddenly my playstation turn itself off, I heard from few people those are the first symptoms that start to appear before it die. I hope nothing happen to it, it is working and it haven’t turn itself off any more. So in a time span of one – two weeks I got a damaged desktop, other desktop that barely works and sometimes doesn’t turn on, damaged monitor, a probable dying playstation 3. Life cant get any better.
C’est la vie…

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